Key Differences between Android and iOS App Development

Key Differences between Android and iOS App Development

iOS app development likes to highlight the benefits of developing an app for the iOS platform to clients when considering new projects and why this is the best way to get an app on the or iOS market for that particular project.

Many clients working on a new product that could be expanded to the more prominent Android market pose many excellent questions: “Why should I focus just on iOS app development?” Is it beneficial to engage Android users, or will it dilute the brand I’m attempting to establish?”

These valid concerns may be addressed by knowing more about the critical distinctions between Android and iOS app development. Here is how you can help confused clients make a decision:

Check out Major Differences Between Android vs iOS App Development

The uniqueness of design

The design strategy is maybe the most remarkable feature of iOS app development. iOS design principles differ from Android design principles. They are tailored to a smaller number of screen sizes and resolutions and are available on fewer devices. On the other hand, Android developers must adjust their design strategy for each device and screen size.

Money-making methods

Even though mobile app marketing strategies are available, android app development is mainly centered on paid apps. In contrast, the bulk of Google-supported apps rely on ad monetization. In general, in-app purchases have been steadily increasing for both platforms, and they have fared better than adverts or premium apps over time. 

The target audience

iOS app device users, on average, have a higher annual income (>200,000), are older (>35 years old), and spend more time on their phones (>64 hours). By understanding these general trends, you can avoid making typical platform blunders. However, it is still necessary to investigate users on a case-by-case basis to obtain accurate results that are not based on broad assumptions.

Timeline for development

Major Differences Between Android vs iOS App Development

In light of the foregoing information, we might conclude that predicting the speed and cost-effectiveness of Android vs iOS app development is challenging. However, you need to keep in mind that

  • Due to code complexity and device variability, Android apps take 30 to 40% longer to develop iOS apps.
  • In most cases, a more extended development period equates to higher costs.
  • IOS apps must go through a more stringent approval procedure (up to a week) for the App Store, but Android apps can go through several submissions in less time and are completed instantly.


If you’ve worked on numerous app development projects, you’ll have figured out the answers to most of these issues by now, whether the easy or complicated way. On the other hand, most app development organizations want a more specific explanation about the specific path they’re prepared to pursue.

Knowing these easy recommendations to the primary distinctions between Android vs iOS app development can aid in avoiding big traps and more effectively planning expenses and time.

web developers company

Web Design & Development Services for Small Businesses

A good Web Design & Development is necessary for any small business, whether you’re a freelancer, own an electronics store, or begin a start-up. Here are some essential components to get going with a website with a good web developers company to help promote your small business in the digital world. 

Essential components of Web Development

Here’s a quick rundown of the essential aspects you and your web developers company will need to be aware of right away:

Establish a focal point:

You’ll need to analyse your customers’ wants and attitudes to do so. What kind of interactive platform do you want to create? Does it aim to increase brand awareness? To provide you with information? Or are you considering utilising it for e-commerce?

Map of the website: 

Make a list of everything you’ll need and categorise it under significant areas Web Design & Development. The site should ideally include only five or six parts. Other must-haves include About Us and Contact data. Other essential things to consider are your USP, customer base, and qualifications (via client testimonials).

Web Design & Development Services - Nerder


Compile the information about your items and services that you want to show for each part and subsection now. You may also hire a web developers company to cover records, including good comments, any notable successes, accolades, exceptional feedback, and so much more, depending on the nature of your firm.

Hire a content writer that can creatively deliver the facts with a powerful message. Make certain that every claim is credible and grounded in truth.


A nice and tidy appearance, with appropriate colours and fonts, will go a long way toward making your site appealing to visitors. The ‘look and feel’ should reflect your brand’s identity while appealing to your customers’ cultural sensibility.

Web developers company pay great attention to the Home/Landing page, as most visitors will decide whether or not to stay on the site. They should be enticed to learn more about the design and messaging. A crowded website draws attention away from the important stuff, such as items or broader marketing messaging.


Putting together relevant pictures is sometimes taken for granted but constitutes an essential element. Consider employing a professional photographer; a well-shot snapshot of a contemporary production setup or a tidy and easy-to-move-around shop area may do wonders for your brand image.

Make sure your photos are crisp, but also that they are optimised for size and loading speed. A ‘slow-to-open’ website or one with slow-loading graphics might be a deal-breaker. Make sure your photos are crisp, but also that they are optimised for size and loading speed. A ‘slow-to-open’ website or one with slow-loading graphics might be a deal-breaker.


Building an excellent website for your small business is not as straightforward as you would think. However, hiring web developers company can assure a great chance of success for your small business while reducing the hassle of building your website.

Website That Nerder Love: Benevity

Website That Nerder Love: Benevity

Hearing the words “corporate website” can conjure visions of a standard 5-page snoozzzzzzzzzz… sorry, what were we talking about? Corporate websites! They don’t have to a complete snooze-fest. They do have to be well-built and easy to use.

One corporate site that hits the mark for both great content and a high quality build is Benevity ( Benevity, if you aren’t familiar, is a Calgary success story, developing technology that powers goodness programs and corporate philanthropy for global brands.

With that kind of reach and product offering, Benevity has a rich story to tell. And, being a technology company, it’s no surprise that their web site development scores high for technical merit.

Method Of Benevity

Ease of Use

A corporate website should be easy to understand and simple to navigate. Here’s what we like about Benevity, from a usability standpoint.

A corporate website should be easy to understand and simple to navigate.
  • Well-placed branding: Eye-tracking studies have shown that users look to the top left corner to confirm which website they’re on.
  • A strong hero image: A bold image will grab a visitor’s attention, providing an opportunity to communicate your mission or message.
  • Introductions: Below the hero image, they’ve stated what they do and explained how their products are positioned in the marketplace.
  • Social proof: Client logos add credibility. Knowing Benevity is in good standing with Apple, Coca-Cola, and Honda builds trust with the rest of us.
  • Navigation: They’ve done a great job of keeping their navigation simple and easy to follow.
  • Calls to action: Websites are sales tools and Benevity’s stays on task, with “request a demo” CTAs prominently at the top, middle, and bottom of the page, to encourage people to try their products.

How do we score Benevity for usability? Unusually usable.

Performance looks great and handles well — but let’s pop the hood and see how it runs.

  • Screen test: Built with mobile in mind, the site is fully responsive and adapts well to smaller phone sizes.
  • Security: The site uses HTTPS, giving visitors visual cues that the site is secure, trustworthy, and safe to communicate with.
  • HTML validation: The HTML has a few minor faults, but mostly passes muster with the W3C Markup Validation Service.
  • Style sheets: The CSS has a few minor faults, but gets passing grades from the W3C CSS Validation Service.
  • URL forward: The site resolves to just one URL ( and alternate URLs forward correctly to the secure address.
  • Accessibility: The site scores well, passing the AChecker validator, but earns a few warnings in the more comprehensive WAVE accessibility evaluation tool.

With Nerder‘s mechanics coveralls on, we can say that it’s a well build website and way better than average.

Best Web site Development Services - Nerder


What would we change? Not much!

  • Site speed: The speed in general is a bit slow (scoring only 43% in the GT Metrix tool) and could benefit from some additional optimizations.
  • Print styling: A quick print test shows that the print style sheet hasn’t been set up properly, rendering printed pages as a bit of a mess.
  • Mobile performance: Tools like mobiReady surface a few minor mobile-friendly issues. Site speed on mobile is a bit lower than average, with Google’s speed test rating the site as “Poor” on 3G. Mobile users might not be Benevity’s main audience for their B2B products, but with the high number of mobile users out there, this issue would be good to address.

All in all, is already a website worthy of a great company making great things possible. A few optimizations would move it even closer to perfection.