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Translation and Interpretation services have evolved over time. For ages, translations are required by Governments, individuals, and businesses to overcome the communication gaps and share information. The need for translation also came from societies at large, where translations were required in shaping social lives.

Literature, science, history, and religion were translated to inform the norms and cultures beyond the geographical boundaries. All types of content are now translated according to the growing needs of societies. In Abu Dhabi, financial, legal, scientific, religious, technical, and marketing material are translated from all over the world now.

Initially, translations were provided by people without formal qualifications and on the basis of experiences gained over time. Now language services providers have emerged to provide professional translations in Abu Dhabi. For instance, legal translation services in Abu Dhabi are a highly specialized area of the translation industry of the country.

The Language Services

Globally, language service is a multi-billion industry. From general to professional translation services to human and machine translation, there are a number of types where translations can be categorized. For an outsider or a client, all translation providers appear the same, as the differentiation are unclear and all provide the same service, i.e., translation.

But one should realize that legal translation is a technical area, and specialized skills are required to fulfill the translation needs. To divide translation services into types, here we look at the case of legal translation to differentiate the two types of services one can engage.

Please read on learn more, as it is not always the price and reliability which separate the two types of service providers. Aspects like quality, prices, communication, certification; all have to be considered before deciding on where to get the translation.

Freelance Translators in Abu Dhabi

If one is looking for personalized service, then individual expert translators can be found over the internet fairly easily. Mostly recognized for their simple and general translation work; freelancers work for themselves, and they communicate and deal with the clients directly. They are also known as independent translators. Most expert freelancers have expertise in one or two types of legal translations. But it not only takes qualification and knowledge but also a lot of experience before getting recognized as an expert freelancer.

Freelancers are normally native speakers and have expertise in one or two languages. But legal translations also require a command over legal systems of source and target legal systems. Thus, freelancers are quite confined within their limitations of knowledge and skills.

Such limitations are overcome by extensive use of technology and use of machine-assisted interpretations. Legal translation is a reflection of teamwork, which legal translation services in Abu Dhabi easily provide owing to their in-house experts. And in the case of independent translators, they engage further experts to work as a team to complete legal translation tasks.

There are a number of people available to take up the task when offered over the internet, and similar happens when explored online to engage a freelancer. Given that a number of options are available from freelancers; hence the price/quality ratio is also quite diverse when explored from that angle. This often dazzles the clients and leaves them making the wrong choices.

Similarly, it is quite often that clients engage another freelancer after getting the translations from one to proofread. This practice is undertaken in order to ascertain the accuracy of legal translation work completed by a translator. This entails an extra cost for one translation task. Similarly, for multiple tasks or those involving multiple languages, a single freelancer cannot be engaged.

Lastly, in most cases, freelancers will not be able to certify their translation work. Certification is generally required by Government offices for any translation to ascertain its accuracy. Normally, independent translators are mostly fluent in converting the easier legal documents from one language to another, i.e., passports, diplomas, certificates, etc.

Henceforth, it is highly advisable to check references or reviews before engaging a freelancer for any legal translation task.

Legal Translation Service Providers in Abu Dhabi

These companies are also referred to as language service providers or translation agencies in Abu Dhabi. These companies are set up to provide a wide variety of services to clients. This is possible by their native-speaking staff with diverse technical backgrounds. Be it a medical or advertising translation or a legal document – everything is on offer by these companies.

Still, there are some language service providers who only specialize in a certain theme or industry. Even door-step services are also provided at a little extra cost by the language service providers in Abu Dhabi. Different language combinations are also easily dealt with by the translation agencies since the pool of translators is diverse.

The biggest benefit of these agencies is the single point of contact for all types of clients and their needs. This is particularly significant for businesses in Abu Dhabi that have a large number of translations to undertake for their communication and business growth.

Another defining characteristic of the language service provider is the established quality assurance system within these agencies. Editing and proofreading are managed within the agency; hence there is little margin of error in Legal Translation Dubai Near Me. In terms of costs, the language service provider is also cheaper since the workflow allows them to cut on some of the costs that freelancers will count on in their quotes.

Avoid New Translation Service Providers

Nevertheless, one hidden danger in legal translation service in Abu Dhabi is of smaller agencies without any references or reviews. These agencies are nonentities that are connected with numerous freelancers behind the curtain. Though low in their prices, there is no quality assurance in these agencies. Localization or contextualization is not up to the mark, and mostly software or cloud-based interpretation services are used to provide translations by these agencies. Hence, while looking to engage legal translation services in Abu Dhabi, always ask for references or undertake a thorough search online about the agency before engaging.

Summing it up

From the above discussion, it is quite understandable that established systems and procedures are required in legal translations. One would tend to engage legal translation services in Abu Dhabi for translation of complex or large translations. As such service provider will not compromise on the translation task due to a lack of resources or time.

Within legal documentation, there are a lot of different types of content which need translations. It can be a standardized legal personal identification document or a detailed contract. Each form of the legal document requires specialized knowledge, skills and an established system for certifying the translation work. We take a look here on which service to engage for what form of legal translation.